Moving God's People

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Since 2010, "Moving God's People" has provided quality moving services to families and individuals. We continue to be dedicated in serving the needs of our community.

ABOUT US: The Story behind Moving God's People:

My earliest recollections of helping people move has got to be the bi-annual relocation of my grandparents from their waterfront bungalow near New York City to a winter refuge in an apartment with insulation and heat. I was just a young boy, but had already developed a heart to help others, and who better than my favorite grandparents.

Then as I grew into a 6'-5” young man I was constantly asked to help friends move without hesitation I agreed. The Lord didn't create me to be a couch potato and with my diverse sports background I was up for any physical challenge. Having the strength to move most anything was one thing, but the fun came by finding the best way to fit large objects through restricted passageways. It was never out of the realm of possibilities to move items though second story windows or over balconies.

I moved my family many times over a 13 year period. The idea of having a new space to live at was great, except I was left with the tasks of packing and moving, sometimes with limited help. I developed some unique moving techniques that enabled me to move everything we owned by myself.

After my marriage I turn to find the purpose for my life. I followed a friend to a very nice Christian church in Bonsall California, and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my savior. I had little money at that time but wanted to give to the church I visited and later became a member of, North Coast Church in Vista, CA. I offered my time for just about every ministry that would accept my service. I found a real home in their Moving Ministry and committed my (His) time to helping people in dyer need. For thirteen years I have been overwhelmingly blessed by showing the Lord's love to others by giving selflessly. I have received much more from this ministry that I ever put into it.

With the downturn in the economy in 2008, my Engineering Company was barely able to turn a profit, and so I looked for other open doors. All of my wise council suggested that I start my own Moving Company, and one night the Lord gave me our name and slogan; Moving God's People, Driven by the Holy Spirit. Many people say that I am the Tetris champion because the Lord has given me the gift of spatial positioning. I have a knack for surveying an entire home full of furniture and boxes and being able to load it into every possible inch of space safely and securely.

The Lord runs our company and therefore we implement Christian ethics and prayer into all of our moves. We always respect the desires of our clients and always ask before we pray aloud. We understand that everyone is in a different place in understanding faith and we honor each understanding.

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